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10 Hours of online CPD-accredited training in bite-sized videos. This online course prepares Advisers to confidently engage, research and advise clients with sustainable investing needs.

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“...a game-changer for any adviser wanting to help their clients in this space. The wealth of knowledge in the course is mind-blowing...”

Four effective learning pillars.

With tools, templates and checklists, to simplify the integration into your current processes.

Developed by the experts.

This course, created on conjunction with Oko Adviser facilitates a deep understanding of ESG and sustainable finance. 

Advisers gain the skills to analyse and recommend ethical and sustainable investment products, and the tools to confidently discuss client values and preferences.

Advisers are equipped to connect with clients on a more personal level, ultimately enhancing their client proposition.

Alexandra Brown

Course Presenter

Alexandra Brown is a leader, educator, researcher and consultant in the ethical and sustainable investing space.

A champion of the industry and expert in the field of sustainability and training, Alexandra has been delivering highly sought after content-rich, CPD- accredited, courses since 2021.

ESG and Sustainable Investing Strategies


1. A comprehensive overview of sustainable investing and key ESG issues (environmental, social, and governance).

2. Grasp strategies and techniques including positive screening, divestment, engagement, sustainability themes and impact.

3. Explore market trends, demand, financial performance and diversification through the lens of sustainable investing.

Investment Research and Client Portfolios


1. Differentiate ESG, investment processes and ethical charters used by fund managers and discern quality over greenwashing.

2. Research, analyse and compare sustainable investments including managed funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

3. Compile a list of preferred sustainable investment products for your clients
and approved product list (APL).

Client conversations and advice process


1. Implement your unique and personalised fact finding process and systemise
client discussions about sustainability values.

2. Establish your go-to resource bank for ESG issues and values and have everything in place for engaging client meetings.
3. Build the elements and commentary for your advice documents and be prepared to provide the best advice for your clients.

Solutions to attract and retain clients


1. Craft your sustainable investment philosophy and effectively convey the
rationale to your clients.

2. Develop a launch strategy to promote and introduce your sustainable
services to new and existing clients.

3. Create assets and evergreen collateral to nurture and connect with clients
such as newsletters, articles, and education packs.

Professional outcomes. Easy access.

– Flexible, self-paced online learning via Mobile or PC.
– Delivered by industry experts
– Tried and tested course content developed over 5 years
– Instant access with subsequent modules released upon completion of a short CPD quiz.
– Up to 10 Hours of Accredited CPD
– Can be completed in just 2 days

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