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Market leading sustainability data and engagement tools to enhance your offering to clients.

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Create up 55 exposure signals for all holdings in the Portfolios you manage and align them to the sustainability rules set you want to apply.

Used by Research teams and Managers to align their investment solutions to their strategy and consumer goals.


Access data through our API, downloadable files to embed sustainability ratings into your solutions in the way that suits you.

Used by Fintech and Advisers alike to deliver bespoke solutions that align to their customer needs. Including in app UI and curation.

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We combine market leading sustainability data with our unique approach to give you a true and accurate reflection of the sustainability performance of +100,000 Funds, ETFs and Shares.

Our advance analytics engine helps quickly sources aligned solutions and avoid greenwashing.


Access in-depth, transparent impact data covering 100,000+ companies and funds over 5M+ data points. All designed to align to the end retail customer.

Used by centralised Research teams and Managers. Upload portfolios and Oko Platform automates analytics based on consumer preferences and identifies greenwashing.

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Political disputes, greenwashing concerns, and increasing regulatory demands have been significant hurdles, yet our commitment to sustainability remains unwavering. At Oko Adviser, we believe that integrating sustainability analysis is crucial for understanding a company’s stakeholder relationships, exposure to emerging social and environmental issues, and adaptability. This focus on sustainability isn’t just a trend; it’s a core component of long-term investment strategy.

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Market Forces, an environmental advocacy group, has lifted the veil on Australian superannuation funds, revealing a startling trend: a doubling of investments in fossil fuel companies over the past two years

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One well-known issue in ESG reporting is greenwashing, where companies portray themselves as more sustainable than they truly are. This phenomenon exists on a spectrum, ranging from deliberate deceit to wishful thinking. Additionally, newer terms like “greenhushing” and “green wishing” have emerged.

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