Count Financial.

Count Financial (Count) is one of Australia’s leading financial advice networks with around 300 advisers in their national community. For more than 40 years, Count Financial has partnered with our Member firms to deliver exceptional client outcomes.

Their sustainable model is set up for the new world of financial advice. They separate product from advice and their advisers are not incentivized to sell products, because our product is advice.

“We’ve seen huge shifts in client preferences for sustainable and responsible investing which has accelerated in recent times.
Increasingly, clients will be quite specific around the sectors in which they do not want to invest, often for very personal reasons. We’ve found this aspect is often time consuming for advisers. For this reason, the Ethic Adviser platform is a great enabler for advisers to proactively understand client preferences, get insight on investment options, and deliver great client outcomes.” Simon Jeffery-Bilich, Head of Practice Development & Research Count Financial.

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Ethical Invest Group.

The Ethical Advice Accelerator is a client-focused and effective online program for Advisers, combining comprehensive education with the current and real-world application of ESG, sustainable finance, and values-based advice.
Upskill in sustainability and responsible investing, confidently engage with clients, and build deeper relationships around client values and ethical investment preferences. Advisers gain innovative tools, ready-to-use templates and practical resources.

DISCUSS: Your clients’ ESG and ethical investment preferences
EVALUATE: Ethical, sustainable and responsible investment products
DELIVER: Holistic advice that considers your clients’ values

Members of the Accelerator get personalised support across the entire curriculum, while connecting with a community of like-minded advice professionals. The program is CPD accredited, and each module is celebrated with a shareable badge.

Advisers will have everything they need to align best advice for their clients, with sustainability and positive impact for their business.